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Car service, maintenance and repair of gearboxes and valve bodies in Estonia!

motor repair

The experts of the Baltic Automatic Transmission OU company will promptly identify the malfunction and restore the operation of the motor.

undercarriage repair

A vehicle’s chassis or suspension physically connects the wheels or axles to the vehicle’s supporting system: the body or frame. The suspension provides stability and controllability of the vehicle, as well as dampens shocks and vibrations from uneven road surfaces.

Change of oil

Oil change in the Engine, automatic transmission, variator, robot, manual transmission.

All types of car service

We will carry out professional car maintenance and restore the performance of all systems.
Transmission repair
Tire fitting
Additional work

spare parts shop at place

Our car service also sells gearboxes and other spare parts for your cars! Check out our offers!

Available Tow Truck

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An automatic transmission is the most complex unit of a modern car, which is several times more complex than an engine.

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The whole range of car service


Changing the oil in the internal combustion engine
Replacing the oil filter
Replacing the air filter
Replacing the fuel filter
Resetting service intervals
Replacing the brake fluid
Replacing the coolant
Replacing the cooling system pipes
Power steering fluid replacement
Injector diagnostics (injector diagnostics)
Flushing the injector
Flushing nozzles
Spark plug diagnostics
Replacing spark plugs
Change of oil
Cleaning the injector
Engine and cooling system
Engine overhaul
Replacing the timing belt and chain
Replacing drive belts
Replacing engine mounts
Replacing piston rings and valve stem seals
Replacement of oil seals
Flushing the fuel system
Cylinder head repair
Replacing the radiator
Replacing the coolant pump (pump)
Cleaning the throttle valve
Turbine replacement
Replacing the oil pump
Compression measurement in the internal combustion engine
Exhaust system repair
Adjustment of valves
Replacing the air filter
Replacing the fuel filter
Replacing the cabin filter
Checkengine is on

Undercarriage service

Replacing the clutch
Replacing the silent block
Replacing the shock absorber
Replacing ball joints
Replacing the levers

Tire fitting and similarity disorder

Computer diagnostics of wheel alignment 3D
Wheel balancing
Hotel for your tires


Replacing the clutch
Oil change in automatic transmission
Automatic transmission replacement
Replacing the crosses
Manual transmission repair
Replacing the propeller shaft
Cardan shaft repair
Replacement of gearboxes
Gearbox repair
Replacing transfer cases
Transfer case repair
Replacement of CV joints and anthers of CV joints
Replacement of bearings of axle shafts


Replacement of steering rods and tips
Replacing steering racks
Steering rack repair
Replacement of steering gears
Repair of steering gears
Power steering fluid replacement
Replacing the power steering pump

Brake system

Replacing brake discs
Replacing the brake pads
Replacing the brake fluid

“Our car service has all the most modern equipment for high-quality valve body repair! We are proud to be the first car service in Estonia specializing in valve body!”


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Automatic transmission


Valve body

Variable speed drive





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